Stepping Up for the Children

Jun 9, 2013

Stepping Up for the Children
Kelowna, BC - Michael Rowland has a big heart for children. A father of two grown daughters, he is especially compassionate to young people with Extrasensory (ESP) abilities. Energetic healer and founder of Healing Haunted Houses.com, Rowland gets questions from young people from around the globe through the social media. One question in particular echoes in Rowland’s mind, “How did you tell your parents you were a Medium?” Rowland recognized that this question came from a young teenage female. “I haven’t had to tell my parents anything for a long time,” Rowland responded, “but I believe telling the truth is best.” “But I don’t want to go to counselling again,” was her reply. Reading those words and realizing that this young person felt they could only talk about this with someone over the internet thousands of miles away, made Rowland cry.

Rowland knows the difficulties most children face just fitting in at school or among peers…but what about those who are a little bit different? “When a child’s ESP ability starts to unfold,” says Rowland, “who can they talk to? Their friends and be ridiculed? Their parents who fear there is something wrong with the child? Their teacher? Who can they talk to who will openly listen?”

“I know of children who told a parent about their psychic experiences only to be told to ‘stop telling lies’ or were taken to a doctor and prescribed anti-psychotic drugs. I also know of young adults who self-medicate with alcohol or drugs as a means of trying to stop their ESP experiences. These children need to have their experiences validated, connect with others like them, and be able to talk to someone who may possibly be able help them in their unique journey”.

Michael Rowland has addressed this topic of the Lost Children and the Paranormal People Project as articles on his website at www.HealingHauntedHouses.com and now he is stepping out to do something more. The formation of “Wizards & Friends Society” is a non-profit society aimed to assist energetically sensitive children and young adults, as well as their parents, with resources and information to help them understand their special gifts. “We’re at the grass roots level where everything is about raising the funds to get it started,” Rowland says. “Our first fundraising event is a presentation called “Being Clearly You” being held on Tuesday, June 18th in the Mary Irwin Theatre at the Kelowna Rotary Centre for the Arts.”

This fundraising event, ‘Being Clearly You’ consists of a presentation about various unwanted energies and how they can affect our thoughts and well-being, plus, Rowland and his team will clear the energy field of everyone in the audience of negative energies that no longer serve them. Tickets to the event are $25.00 and are on sale at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, www.SelectYourTickets.com or by phoning 250-717-5304. For more details go to www.HealingHauntedHouses.com under ‘Being Clearly You’.

Company Contact Information:

Logo Wizards Friends Society
Company: Wizards Friends Society
Contact Name: Michael Rowland
Contact Phone: 250-980-7007
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.healinghauntedhouses.com/

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