Local Company Ear Gear to Donate 1000 Pairs to Hearing Aid Wearers Worldwide

Oct 11, 2018

Local Company Ear Gear to Donate 1000 Pairs to Hearing Aid Wearers Worldwide
Ear Gear Founder and President, Mark Rosal, saw his daughter's life change when he created a hearing instrument sleeve to protect her devices from damage and loss. Shameera, Rosal's young daughter, struggled to cooperate in wearing her hearing aids. Compliance in wearing hearing aids is critical, as the devices support wearers to engage in physical, emotional, and mental activities. Hearing devices are also integral to the wearers' safety and development.
Ear Gear, hearing instrument armor, made all the difference in Shameera's life. The sleeves made her hearing aids more comfortable and easier to wear, while the securing tether made them more difficult to lose.

Available in over eight colours, seventeen patterns, and models to fit all kinds of hearing instruments, Ear Gear is made of acoustically transparent spandex and offers protection against dust, dirt, sweat, and other forms of moisture, and even reduces wind noise. A handy clip, which attaches to the wearer's clothing, keeps the hearing aids within reach.

Ear Gear enhances lives by providing a high-quality product, and by donating Ear Gear sleeves to the hearing loss community worldwide, he and his staff hope to expand the benefits of their product. Through sharing Ear Gear at no cost, 1,000 more hearing aid wearers will enjoy increased physical comfort and the peace of mind that their hearing devices are secure.
The company hopes to connect with hearing aid wearers in need - everyone from children, who must develop good habits in wearing and caring for their hearing devices, to the parents of hearing aid wearers who are suffering from the same frustrations that Rosal faced, to all wearers who deal with the worries of damaging and losing their hearing aids.

Ear Gear has a strong history of sharing their product with those in need, as they have been donating Ear Gear sleeves for over thirteen years. Many of their donations have benefited hearing aid wearers in Africa and other harsh environments where dust and moisture easily interfere with hearing aid effectiveness and functionality.

Charities, non-profit organizations, schools, camps and any other group who works with hearing aid wearers in need are asked to reach out to Ear Gear.

[email protected]
Toll Free in North America: 1-888-766-1838

Company Contact Information:

Logo Ear Gear
Company: Ear Gear
Contact Name: Danielle Basler
Contact Phone: 250-808-9410
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.gearforears.com

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