Fictional Character Releases First Novel

Jan 29, 2018

Fictional Character Releases First Novel

Fictional Character Releases First Novel

Donny Amadeus, a fictional character, has his first novel, Sleeping With Che, Book 1: En Cuba, on the shelves of Mosaic Books in downtown Kelowna now.

Donny Baxter, the self-published author and founder of dbx international, has published the work of a character that came to him in the course of meditation.

“After spending one winter in Cuba a few years ago, living with a Cuban family, I absorbed a lot of the culture and was amazed at the impact that Che Guevara had on their country. Che is one of their greatest influences. He’s everywhere. On billboards, in schools, painted on the sides of buildings.

“I’m a yogi. I spend many hours a week meditating. One time, after I had been meditating every day for about three years, this character just kind of walked into my life and started telling me a story that began in Cuba. A story that involved Che. I started writing it down. I’m still writing it down. I call him fictional and named him Donny Amadeus, but whoever he is, it’s his story. I never cease to be amazed at the twists and turns. The new characters.”

Sleeping With Che is the multi-generation, multi-volume saga of Cheryl and Robbie Regent, a mother and son, who take a short trip to Cuba as tourists and come back to their home in Montreal as Revolutionaries, though they don’t know that right off.

Over many generations, the Regents, guided by the force of some unknown god and driven by the force of their own will, become powerful spiritual characters, take on the cause of Quebec sovereignty, are invested in Aboriginal culture and beliefs, and bring a new social, technological and economic order to the world.

Sleeping with Che, Book 1: En Cuba, is available in the downtown Mosaic book store and on their website at an introductory price of $7.50.

Donny Baxter
[email protected]

Review copies available on request

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Company: dbx international
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Company Website: Facebook.com/donnyamadeusfiction

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