New Psychology-Based App Revolutionizes Remote Connectivity

Jun 14, 2017

KELOWNA, BC – A new safety compliance solution created by a former BC Conservation Officer is now starting field trials with Canada’s top energy and natural resources organizations.

Aaron Kilback and team started Kelowna tech company yodelME (formerly JA2 Applications) after direct exposure to the dangers of unreliable communication systems.

Says Kilback.

“One of the reasons why we started this company was seeing firsthand what can happen when work sites are disconnected. There was an 18 year old on a job site that lost both his legs because a phone call couldn’t be made quickly enough; the result was a 12 hour delay before being airlifted to a hospital. It makes no sense. We can land a space probe on a comet, but we can’t give people phones that work?”

Kilback says that creating a better safety and communications system - one with reliable, ubiquitous connectivity, available through an everyday smart phone - became his top priority. When he showed his prototype to industry contacts, they immediately invested in the product. Kilback credits the app’s appeal to its focus on the psychology of safety compliance.

“Stanford psychologist B.J. Fogg says worker motivation has ups and downs throughout the day. But most safety compliance solutions assume worker motivation is always high, which is why they don’t work. Our solution makes compliance easier and less annoying.”

Fogg’s research shows that 100% safety compliance is possible with high employee motivation and simple workflows - two factors Kilback’s system incorporates in its solution.

The yodelME app consists of a simple interface that can be learned in minutes. Using the app, site workers can perform instant safety check-ins, send unlimited text messages, track other workers’ locations via GPS, and summon emergency help with the push of a button.

Says Kilback:

“We’ve shown this to people in both industry and government, and everyone who sees it says, ‘This is the simplest thing I’ve ever seen.’ Our training program is 9 slides, and two of those slides talk about how satellites work.”

yodelME has already made pre-sales to companies in the forestry, mining, and energy industries. The app is now entering its pilot phase, with organizations like BC Wildfire Services preparing to field test the product.

Company Contact Information:

Logo yodelME
Company: yodelME
Contact Name: Karen Olsson
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: yodelme.com

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