Buffer for Postpartum Depression & Declined Relationship Satisfaction

Apr 21, 2017

Buffer for Postpartum Depression & Declined Relationship Satisfaction
April 24, 2017

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New to Kelowna: Bringing Baby Home Program Helps Parents Navigate Transition to Parenthood

Starting in June 2017, Sue Musleh, M.Ed. RCC will be giving Kelowna couples access to Drs. John & Julie Gottman’s Bringing Baby Home educational workshop. The Gottmans’ research shows that two-thirds of couples experience a significant reduction in marital satisfaction and a significant increase in conflict after the birth of their baby. Mood issues including post-partum depression are also a risk as increased stress, body changes, reduced sleep and self-care impact new parents. The Bringing Baby Home Program helps buffer against these possible outcomes. It helps prepare parents for what to expect and learn new skills to strengthen their relationship so they can navigate the transition with greater ease and success. This also helps improve the parent-child relationship which, in turn, contributes to healthy child development.

“I’m passionate about helping couples develop the skills they need to face the transition to parenthood head on. It is exciting to be bringing this program to Kelowna as healthier couples means healthier families contributing to a healthier community”. Sue Musleh, M.Ed. RCC. Sue has been serving the Kelowna community through counselling and consulting for over 8 years since she moved from Vancouver and opened her private practice. The Bringing Baby Home program marks an exciting expansion of the services offered to support people in the Kelowna and surrounding area.

The Gottmans’ research shows that couples who have participated in the Program experience:
• A significantly lower rate of postpartum mood disorders and depression
• A decrease in relationship hostility
• A higher level of relationship satisfaction
• A decreased likelihood of divorce

The first offering of this 12-hour workshop in Kelowna will be June 24th & 25th. To learn more or to register visit www.muslehcounselling.ca or call 250-868-9452.

Company Contact Information:

Contact Name: Sue Musleh
Contact Phone: 250-868-9452
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.muslehcounselling.ca

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