Payroll Automation Saves Okanagan Businesses Time and Money

Nov 5, 2013

Payroll Automation Saves Okanagan Businesses Time and Money
There’s a new word in the world of payroll, and that word is ‘Automation’. Payroll Connected is Canada’s first scheduling and automatic payroll processing software, and it’s headquartered right here in the Okanagan.

Typically, payroll is a dirty word when it comes to business and is seen as a time consuming and expensive necessity. However Payroll Connected is looking to change all that with one single integrated program according to Payroll Connected co-founder and lead developer Evan Drury.

“Payroll should be one of the most air-tight aspects of business, but in most cases we’ve see, a typical business usually has one method of scheduling, another to determine hours worked, and then still another person or service to calculate deductions and pay the employees. With Payroll Connected, all of that is replaced by a single program that is so easy to use that all a company needs to do is schedule their employees for work, and literally that’s it!”

Evan and his partner Al Jensen came upon the idea while working in a bookkeeping office where they were amazed at how complicated the process of calculating payroll was.

“Even if a company is using well respected accounting software or a third party payroll processor, in most cases they still have to sit down and figure out how many hours their employees worked,” Evan continues, “So basically the employer is still doing all the work except for the deductions and the paycheques. With Payroll Connected though there’s none of that. Just schedule your employees for work, and decide when to pay them. The program does all the rest, even T4’s and ROE’s, and they can even preview the payroll at any time they want for free. This kind of speed and control for payroll is unprecedented but the way that payroll should be. We’re very excited about it.”

Payroll Connected launched in February 2013 and is quickly gaining favourability amongst their users. “We get clients telling us that they’re saving hours and hundreds of dollars every time they process payroll. We’re turning payroll from a money-spend into a money-saved aspect of business and people are loving it.”

Payroll Connected is secure online software, accessible with any internet enabled device, and includes a robust employee scheduler in addition to the payroll processing. For more information, visit their website at www.PayrollConnected.com or call 250-540-4560.

Company Contact Information:

Logo Payroll Connected
Company: Payroll Connected
Contact Name: Evan Drury
Contact Phone: 250-540-4560
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.payrollconnected.com

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