For-Profit Social Enterprise Launches Social Network with a Twist

Jan 11, 2015

For-Profit Social Enterprise Launches  Social Network with a Twist
KELOWNA, BC Open For Change (OFC), a new Kelowna-based company, is introducing an innovative way to tackle community, social, and environmental issues. CEO Michael Lavigne based this new Social Enterprise on one simple philosophy: the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. This means the company invests 1/3 of its profits to people in need, 1/3 to the planet and environment, and 1/3 to socially, economically and environmentally conscious businesses. "In this way, Open For Change offers a viable way to make a real difference in the social economics of society", says Lavigne. "Our earnings will be invested back into to the community through the 1/3 business model. This approach is in alignment with consumers who are also 'Open For Change' ".

The word ‘Open’ stands for: Opportunity, People, Environment, Now. The company has launched a technology-based Internet hub, designed specifically to promote community collaboration at a grassroots level. The Open For Change website is designed to be an online 'community centre' where members join together to identify issues, share solutions, and solve problems. Lifetime memberships begin at just $5 and offer an easy way to to financially invest in businesses dedicated to social change while making a positive social impact.

“A membership connects you to a social network that is committed to collaborating towards sustainable change”, explains Lavigne. “Think Facebook for social change with profiles, posts, Social Cause Groups you can connect with and much more”. It offers a solution to those who say: “I want to make a difference, I just don’t know how”.

“Members of our platform get to vote on where our membership fees are invested and which social causes receive our profits, so you aren’t just a member, you’re a stakeholder. If your organization aligns with OFC’s core values, we will invite you to partner with our site and help drive traffic to your cause”.

OFC offers different levels of membership for different desires of engagement; higher levels give increased voting privileges. Membership fees are invested into socially conscious businesses and various investment funds that are dedicated to sustainable change. “A membership buys you access to the movement. The way it works is we decide together how to make money with investments, as well as what we do with the profits, to help those in need”, says Lavigne.

OFC is a platform for those who know things need to change and understand there's a better way - people who want to make a difference and are inspired to help others. You're looking for ways to make an impact, but aren't sure how. You're a game changer. You stand up and take action.

The first Contribution Campaign – OFC’s way to give back by creating community events and connecting people to raise awareness and funds for social organizations – was in collaboration with the BCSPCA. OFC had volunteers who came out to help run the event and, in collaboration with the community, OFC contributed support to the BCSPCA, totaling $13,306.25.

OFC’s next community event, ‘Love Inn’, takes place in Kelowna on February 14, 2015 on behalf of Inn From the Cold, Metro Community and the Boys & Girls Clubs Emergency Youth Shelter.

For more information on Open For Change, to become a member, or learn more about ‘Love Inn’ on February 14th, please visit the website at www.OpenForChange.com.

Company Contact Information:

Logo Open For Change
Company: Open For Change
Contact Name: Michael Lavigne
Contact Phone: 2508697809
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.OpenForChange.com

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