New Digital Entertainment for Children Launches supporting United Way

Jun 28, 2013

New Digital Entertainment for Children Launches supporting United Way
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June 28, 2013
New Digital Entertainment for Children Launches supporting United Way.
VidaYum is a new international company based in Kelowna that has created an interactive world of play and learning for children, and as part of their commitment to children’s well-being, proceeds from sales and memberships will support children and youth initiatives through our local United Way. VidaYum’ online environment focuses on the core fundamentals of nutrition, activity, nature, and family, in a fun and educational way, and is launching this week in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia and Norway.
“The United Way knows that one of the most impactful strategies for creating a healthy society in the future is to invest in our children’s development, and that the Internet and social media in increasingly becoming one of the environments that can promote positive messages and learning for children,” says United Way Executive Director Marla O’Brien. “It’s exciting to have a local company create these kinds of tools and programs for children, and that they are showing their community partnership by contributing a portion of proceeds to United Way.”
VidaYum’s platform of online games, eBooks, and magazines were created recognizing statistics such as:
• Children spending at least 44.5 hours per week in front of TV’s, computers or game screens, playing games that are full of violence and aggression.
• Obesity statistics that are alarmingly high: Currently, one in four children and youth in Canada are overweight or obese. Increasingly, obese children are being diagnosed with a range of health conditions previously seen almost exclusively among adults, including type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure.
• Type 2 Diabetes is a fast growing health problem amongst children; some even say it has grown to epidemic proportions. • Bullying has increasingly become a problem amongst children that can be prevented with education and resources to children and parents.
In the digital world, VidaYum believes that children can foster many different skills and build the knowledge that will help them with academic learning, as well as develop positive habits as a family, that will undoubtedly contribute to leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
VidaYum products utilize the same media platforms available to the children of today’s world, but with more age appropriate content and in a language they can understand. In return, these products will provide children with the necessary skills to become healthy, productive, happy human beings and ultimately for them to become ‘masters of their own lives’.
VidaYum offers online products and memberships ranging from free to $69 for full online yearly access, and has committed that 30% of proceeds will be contributed to the United Way to support their “all that kids can be” initiatives.
VidaYum can be found at www.vidayum.ca or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/vidayumcanada.
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For more information, contact:
Humberto Morales, VidaYum Marla O’Brien, United Way Direct Mobile: (250) 575-3420 Tel: 250-860-2356 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

Company Contact Information:

Logo United Way
Company: United Way
Contact Name: Marla O'Brien
Contact Email: [email protected]

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