Catelowna on the Prowl for Cattendants and Purristas

Apr 27, 2023

Catelowna on the Prowl for Cattendants and Purristas
Catelowna is on the prowl for Cattendants and Purristas

Are you a cat lover looking for a new job? Then the purrfect opportunity may be in reach as Catelowna announced today, through social media, they are on the hunt for team members to look after their feline residents and the humans that come to meet them.

Writing on their official facebook and Instagram page, the Cat Café is looking for “cattendants” and “Purristas” to work alongside their furry friends. Stating “Do you have hospitality experience and not afraid to get your paws dirty? Would this be the purrfect job for your bestie, then tag them?” Candidates need to have friendly, personable and intuitive personalities.

According to the posted job descriptions on the Catelowna website, that includes a link for application submission, cattatendant duties include liaising with prospective adopters and act as a matchmaker, feeding, cleaning, entertaining and caring for the cats wellbeing. Purristas will act as hosts, manage the local artisan retail store and prepare delicious drinks and food for the guests.

Owner, Ashley Karnes, stated “Taking care of the cats is the main priority for joining the team but successful candidates would be charged with ensuring that the human visitors have a good time too. Good vibes and fun personalities will keep visitors coming back and with more visits more adoptions are likely to happen.”

Catelowna has partnered with Kelowna Kitten Rescue to feature their rescued and adoptable cats and is hoping to open at the end of May, provided construction odd jobs, inspections, licensing and permitting requirements are completed. Hours of operation will be 10am to 8pm with a break for the kitties between sessions. Reservations for a one-hour visit with the cats will be recommended and can be made through their website www.catelowna.com, when open.

Company Contact Information:

Logo Catelowna Cat Cafe
Company: Catelowna Cat Cafe
Contact Name: Ashley Karnes
Contact Phone: 250 575 4071
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.catelowna.com

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