Trading pinecones for community impact

Sep 24, 2022

Trading pinecones for community impact
Last week Stephanie picked up a pinecone from her kids school yard and decided to see how much of an impact it could make on the community.

Much like the paper clip challenge, where a man started making trades until he eventually got to a house, Stephanie has started with a pinecone, and is seeing what she can get to by the end of September.

First it was a pinecone that traded for a 3D printed dragon, that was traded for a basket of fresh picked Okanagan fruit, which went for a basket of non-toxic cleaning products. Next was a trade for a variety pack of unique alcoholic beers, which was traded for a wake board and life jacket. The most current trade has been the lifejacket for a $1000 shopping spree to a local jewellery store.

Stephanie is now on the search for her next trade, because when September ends, so does her personal challenge. Whatever the final trade is, will be donated directly back into the community, so who is ready to be her next trade?

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Contact Name: Stephanie Horman
Contact Phone: 2503003533
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: https://www.instagram.com/moderndaywonderland/?hl=en

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