Council candidate posts heartwarming short film about being autistic

Sep 12, 2022

On Saturday, September 10th, Basil Langevin, a 26-year-old candidate for Saanich Council who grew up in Kamloops, released a four-minute short film about their journey growing up autistic.

If elected, Basil would be the first openly autistic person elected to public office anywhere in Canada.

This heartwarming film tells the story of Basil’s upbringing through home videos and interviews with their parents.

Dozens of parents, teachers, and members of the autistic community have posted comments sharing how moved and inspired they were by the film.

The film can be viewed on Facebook (https://fb.watch/fv5cb2uC1d/) and on Twitter (https://twitter.com/BasilLangevin/status/1568720824043192320).


Basil Langevin: “Growing up autistic meant finding my way in a world that wasn’t built for me. I’m sharing my story so you can see the incredible difference support makes.”

Margaret Langevin (mother): “If someone told me Basil was going to be as confident and outgoing and well-spoken… I don't know that I could have believed it would happen.”

Interviews with Basil’s parents are available upon request.

About autism:

“Autism is a developmental disability that affects how we experience the world around us. Autistic people are an important part of the world. Autism is a normal part of life, and makes us who we are.” – Autistic Self Advocacy Network (https://autisticadvocacy.org/about-asan/about-autism/)

Company Contact Information:

Contact Name: Basil Langevin
Contact Phone: (778) 743-1444
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: https://basillangevin.ca

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