Artist, singer, climate justice champion launches bid to lead BC NDP

Aug 10, 2022

After a group of supporters pledged over $40,000 at an online meeting Saturday night, former Vancouver-Granville NDP candidate Anjali Appadurai agreed to throw her hat in the ring for leader of the BC New Democrats.

The 32-year-old has been campaigning for human rights and climate justice since her teens. “I was that kid in class who thought: something is going seriously wrong on this planet and the people in charge have no plan,” said Appadurai.

“I think British Columbians are ready for a leader who will tell them the truth. We’re in a very dangerous situation. But I believe in our collective power to shape a different future.”

In the last five years life expectancy in B.C. has begun to decline as the toxic drug supply, COVID-19 and climate disasters have caused thousands of excess deaths. In 2021 deaths in B.C. exceeded births for the first time in history.

“Our province is not healthy. The people are not healthy and the land is stressed,” said Appadurai. “We need a government that will prioritize the health of people and the planet. That means focusing on housing, food security, clean energy and caring for our communities.”

Joining Appadurai as campaign manager is Harrison Johnston, who helped organize Vancouver’s historic climate marches in 2019 before running as a BC Green Party candidate in North Vancouver-Seymour.

“This campaign is an example of how powerful it can be when people from different political traditions agree to cooperate,” said Johnston. “I think Anjali has what it takes to unify progressive voters, and the people of B.C.”

The Anjali For BC campaign is working to submit the paperwork for Appadurai to be recognized as an official candidate. The money raised at her first meeting will more than cover the party’s $40,000 entry fee.

“The most important thing you can do to support this movement right now is become a member of the BC NDP,” said Appadurai. “Any B.C. resident age 12 or older can vote in the leadership race and help choose the next premier. Join the party, then forward the confirmation email to [email protected]

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