Young kelowna residents make an impact in the music scene

Jun 8, 2022

Young kelowna residents make an impact in the music scene
Two young local talents have been busy playing gigs and recording their original music as 70x7 since Covid began in 2020. They used the extra time they had from cancelled sports competitions to focus on writing, arranging and recording their original music. That resulted in their first album release last week of an ep called “above the waters”and an album release concert June 2 at red bird brewing that was a night to remember! Owen Wood and Jared Hanenburg have been playing in front of audiences in various forms since grade 4 at Kelowna Christian School, and playing gigs and busking since 2020. They started writing their music at 15 and 16 years old and have finished the recording process as 17 year olds. The depth of their lyrics and quality of musical arrangements is immediately noticeable on their new album and is surprising for their age. Between them they play acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, banjo, drums, keyboard and mandolin and they both contribute to vocals with Jared being the lead vocalist on the album. As a result their album has a very full sound for only having two members! Playing locally they typically bring out a few instruments to each gig. They have a solid loyal fan base and easily sold out their recent show. Both band members graduate this year from high school and have career plans but try our talents are being noticed by many and who knows if this hobby may gain enough momentum to make them reassess their plans! One professional musician who saw their release show encouraged them to give it a shot in Nashville as he was impressed by their original music and instrument arrangements considering their age. Give the album and listen by visiting http://70x7.hearnow.com/ or follow them on Instagram @70x7_music

Company Contact Information:

Company: @70x7_music on Instagram
Contact Name: Owen wood
Contact Phone: 250-215-3959
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: 70x7.hearnow.com

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