Canadian Telecom Puts Money Back into Consumers’ Pockets

Aug 17, 2021

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[KELOWNA, BC, August 16, 2021] — GETUS Communications, an Edmonton-based Internet Service Provider has launched their annual Back-To-School offer of $34/month internet and no activation fees but this time to all Canadians, not just those returning to school.
Gaining popularity for their affordable contract-free internet services, particularly among students and first-time homebuyers, GETUS Communications has opened up their annual Back-To-School offer to provide some financial relief to all Canadians as we continue to navigate the impacts of the pandemic.

“The pandemic has placed financial stress on many households”, says GETUS Communications CEO, Tanner Gettis. “Opening up this offer to all Canadians will help to put some money back into consumers’ pockets at a time when it’s needed most.”

Gettis goes on to say “Most Canadians are overpaying for their internet services. They don’t realize they are paying for internet speeds which most of their devices, such as Game Stations, or laptops only a few years old, can’t actually utilize. Most modems leased from “The Big Guys'' can only provide speeds of 1G wirelessly, regardless of whether you are paying for 1.5G or more. Our package of only 300MB is even enough internet speed to watch 16 Netflix Streams at once. That’s more than enough speed for most households, and at a price that is affordable.”

The Back-To-School offer of $34/month internet without activation fees is available until September 13th. Visit www.Getus.ca/backtoschool to learn more or to take advantage of this offer.

About GETUS Communications: GETUS Communications was founded in 2015 and is a Third-party Internet Service Provider created with support from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Independent Authority to help increase telecom competition and lower prices nationwide for end users. GETUS Communications offers home phone and TV, with their flagship offer of $34/month rocket-fast internet. GETUS Communications is known for their 5-star customer service with 1000+ positive Google Reviews. GETUS Communications is a proud supporter of United Way and Canada’s missingpeople.ca

Media Inquiries:
GETUS Communications
Jennifer Osmann
800-396-1023 ext 861
[email protected]

Company Contact Information:

Company: GETUS Communications
Contact Name: Jennifer
Contact Phone: 800-396-1023 ext 861
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www,getus.ca/backtoschool

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