The Virtual Kelowna Project is beginning! View a virtual tours gallery of our local Kelowna businesses and of our area. We have many tours to see already and the list just keeps growing!!! :)

Apr 2, 2021

I would like to announce the gallery launch for our local businesses in Kelowna on virtual tour please. The project is called The Virtual Kelowna Project and it is literally just beginning, the 2nd launch will be on May 1st. The response is exceptional and the businesses love their virtual tours. Some of them are already receiving business from the tours and they have not been promoted anywhere yet. This project was designed to drastically improve our economy with a focus on our local businesses. The virtual tours are gigantic and absolutely lovely and allow people in town and out-of-town to browse through our stores and Kelowna. After talking with many people, it is apparent that most people, even people on Bernard Ave for example, have not been inside of all of the businesses on Bernard Ave or the other business in any area I have been. This project allows people to step inside the local businesses and see what they have to offer, and it does it very very well!!! :)

The Virtual Kelowna Project is a little bit friendlier and easier to view than some websites and applications, and I have provided a sneak peek of the gallery also. The gallery does have a rotating banner at the top where the girls are and every participant has a banner, as well as the photo gallery rotates the businesses so the content is constantly being refreshed. I appreciate very sincerely your consideration and hopefully you like the work I have been doing, as I am working very diligently to make sure that Kelowna businesses are well-represented in virtual tours and pics at a price that everyone is encouraged to participate and cooperatively promote Kelowna and how lovely it really is. We have such a gorgeous city, and even our waterfront and parks are represented in the gallery. As we do more virtual tours, the areas we are in are also being documented on virtual tour as often as possible. This gallery is not just about $$$, it is about inviting new people into our city to enjoy the well-loved and the sometimes unnoticed places we often overlook, and allow them to love Kelowna and potentially live here if they would like, or at least visit often! It is a very peaceful non-intrusive way of allowing people to browse and shop, dine, and stay in Kelowna, and a lovely enhancement to the other sites and tourism sites available to the public as there is nothing else even remotely similar to this gallery, it is a very fun and exciting enhancement to what is currently offered. It is also my way of helping the businesses the very best way I know how. I appreciate any input you have, including any sort of improvements you would like to see and I would love to help you also.

The businesses have been overjoyed with the service and the virtual tours and really love the idea of marketing Kelowna all together as a group instead of having to advertise their virtual tours on their own. It is actually tons of fun and we are all very excited! The goal is to bring people in the doors of our local businesses. There is even an Orchard Park Shopping Centre Category and beaches, parks, and gardens that promote our different areas. It is a lovely collections of virtual tours, business and our tourist attractions in Kelowna. Every virtual tour has its own photo gallery within the virtual tour and is represented on the Virtual Kelowna Project Gallery.

For example... here is a virtual tour of our main beach area in Kelowna near the sanctuary

There are many of these area tours that are just stunning! :)

The tours are not only the most gorgeous tours I have seen, they are very smooth and easy to look at. Tons of people are actually still wanting to participate and I have really been talking to many many people, the response is exceptional and even the hotels and motels are excited!!!

Please give this gallery some exposure as it is an initiative I am taking in order to help improve morale and the economy as much as possible. Kelowna is gorgeous and we deserve to have people know it! :)

www.realbigtours.com/Kelowna is the temporary page of tours until the actual gallery is posted (I am just finishing it and giving advanced notice please, if you click on the Actual Gallery link, you will see the what the gallery looks like and that the gallery is completed already, just sorting out a few things before making it public...). I have also attached a different banner on the gallery to show you the rotation of the banners as well. Again, bringing in as much business as possible to every participant in The Virtual Kelowna Project.

The gallery should be finished completely and where the temporary page is www.realbigtours.com/Kelowna as of tomorrow night at the latest. Please take a peek, we would love and appreciate your help please!

Thank-you in advance for helping with The Virtual Kelowna Project!

Thank-you and hopefully we talk soon! :)
Elizabeth Croft :)

Company Contact Information:

Company: The Virtual Kelowna Project
Contact Name: Elizabeth Croft
Contact Phone: 1-581-333-2563 (text
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: www.realbigtours.com/Kelowna

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