Peachland B&B world famous

Tourism in the Okanagan is world famous once again.

The travel site Trip Advisor  has named Peachland's Okanagan Oasis Bed and Breakfast number three on the list of ten 'To die for' inns and B&B's in the world.

Owner Chris Hawthorne says being named number three was quite a surprise.

"This is exciting and nerve racking, I really have to be on my toes now."

Okanagan Oasis isn't a typical Bed and Breakfast, says Hawthorne.

"We offer a little bit more than other B&B's, we are like a little resort.  Here, people have a self contained unit a shared kitchen a pool and a bocce court."

Hawthorne says some people stay up to two weeks but the usual stay over the summer is three to five days.

Trip Advisor compiles a list similar to the top Inns and B&B's four times a year.

Earlier this year Trip Advisor put out a top large Bed and Breakfast accommodation list, but Okanagan Oasis wasn't on it.

Hawthorne says this is probably because Okanagan Oasis is a smaller B&B with only three rooms.

"Being on this list means a whole lot of business but also a whole lot of free marketing that we could never do. We are out there on all kinds of websites but it still only covers our local market."

Okanagan Oasis' cliental is mostly local to B.C. but they do see people coming from Calgary and Edmonton.

"I've had over 50 calls and emails this morning in a four hour period asking who we are and where are we."

The number of Americans making their way to Peachland is down compared to years past according to Hawthorne.

"Because the Canadian dollar was so high Americans weren't coming up here, but today I have had seven calls from people in the U.S. asking about rooms."

Hawthorne also expects that this announcement by Trip Advisor will impact the city of Peachland.

"If we bring in 500 people this summer that means 500 people will be out in the city eating dinner and shopping."

The bed and breakfast is open year round and is run by only two staff members- Chris and his wife Shelia.

The Summer season is basically booked, with a few nights open in July and August. Hawthorne expects that all to change with new list released by Trip Advisor.

The Peachland destination was just beat out by Ben Tiananvaig Bed and Breakfast in Portree Scotland  at number one and Stockbridge Country Inn, in Massachusetts.

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