Rabies Survivor

  • A Wisconsin teenager who became the first person known to survive rabies without a vaccination went home Saturday after nearly 11 weeks in the hospital, officials said.

    Jeanna Giese, 15, was infected when a bat bit her at church in September but she did not immediately seek treatment. She began showing symptoms of rabies in mid-October.Full story
  • The death toll from Argentina's deadly nightclub fire was raised to 186 Saturday as police hold the owner of the club for questioning. Families of the victims have started identifying the bodies, a process being slowed because many of the victims were teenagers not carrying identification during the Thursday night rock show at the Cromagnon Republic club.Full story
  • Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo declared a 30-day state of emergency in a remote Andean province where a group of nationalist dissidents seized a police station and took officers hostage, demanding Toledo's resignation. "In the supreme decree we are declaring a state of emergency in the department of Apurimac," Toledo said at the government palace, after cutting short a holiday trip for an urgent cabinet meeting on the situation. At least seven people were wounded in a shootout during the takeover Saturday. The dissidents are followers of a retired army major who, along with his brother, seeks to establish a nationalist indigenous movement modelled on the ancient Incan Empire.Full story

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