Tsunami Aid $2 Billion US

  • Worldwide donations to help those battered by the huge waves that slammed into Asian and African coastlines totalled $2 billion US Saturday.

    Japan increased its pledge of aid from $30 million to $500 million, the largest single donation from a single country.Full story
  • A retired teacher received a 100-year prison term in a sexual misconduct case after a new prosecutor scrapped a proposed five-year plea deal and asked a jury for the maximum penalty. "I think justice was served," said Charles Hodgkiss, the foreman of a jury that convicted Orian Scott, 67.Full story
  • Scientists have discovered alcohol impairs more than one type of depth perception, adding to the reasons why drunk drivers can be dangerous. Researchers in the U.S. found alcohol intoxication impairs the ability to perceive changes in depth as the head moves back and forth, called motion parallax.
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