Numbers Up Again

  • Indonesia's health minister warned the country may have up to 20,000 more tsunami casualties, as the first aid planes touched down Friday in the devastated northern region of the island of Sumatra.

    Indonesia has confirmed about 80,000 deaths so far – the bulk of more than 120,000 reported in the 12 countries hit by the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami.Full story
  • New Year's celebrations were tempered Friday as revellers scaled down -- and in some cases cancelled festivities -- in honour of the more than 120,000 victims who perished in the tsunami disaster. Australia ushered in the New Year with a moment of silence before fireworks exploded overhead Sydney's landmark Harbour Bridge. In tsunami-ravaged Asian countries, celebrations were for the most part cancelled Friday as officials were too busy counting corpses, and trying to keep survivors alive with what little food and water there was left.Full story
  • A flare lit during a rock concert ignited the foam ceiling of a Buenos Aires nightclub packed with teenagers, starting an inferno that killed 175 people, many of them teens, and injured more than 600, officials and witnesses said Friday. An emergency exit in the building was believed to have been locked to prevent people from coming in without paying leaving the club's main entrance as the only way in or out, said Buenos Aires Mayor Anibal Ibarra.Full story

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