Border Opens To Beef

  • Nineteen months after closing the border to Canadian cattle due to fears about the spread of mad cow disease, the United States announced Wednesday it plans to resume trade in March.

    The U.S. Department Agriculture said it will now recognize Canada as a minimal-risk region for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, the scientific name for mad cow disease. It means Canadian producers will be able to start shipping live cattle under the age of 30 months, as well as certain other animals and meat products, beginning March 7.Full story
  • A 55-year-old woman from Virginia has given birth to triplets on behalf of her daughter, who couldn't have children. Surrogate mother Tina Cade carried her own grandchildren for seven and a half months.Full story
  • Noisy, orange-clad opposition protesters on Wednesday blockaded Ukraine's government headquarters and prevented Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych from convening a cabinet session. Irina Lobanova, a spokeswoman for the cabinet, said that the meeting would not be held as planned, a decision that prompted the protesters to start abandoning their barricade, which winning presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko ordered Tuesday night to keep up pressure on his rival, who has refused to concede.Full story

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