Athens taxis on a 48-hour strike that will coincide with a nationwide public sector stoppage

Athens taxis on strike

Taxi drivers in the Greek capital began a 48-hour strike Tuesday, with the second day timed to coincide with a nationwide strike by public and some private sector workers that is expected to disrupt public transport, ground some flights and leave ferries tied up in port.

More than 200 taxis drove through the center of Athens as part of a demonstration on the first day of the walkout, called by the capital’s main taxi union over a series of demands, including a reduction in taxes, access to bus lanes and stricter regulation on ride-sharing apps.

New taxes imposed on the self-employed in Greece have hammered the taxi industry, said Georgios Voilis, a taxi driver and union member. The tax burden “is a financial debasement, a tombstone,” for taxis, he said.

The second day of the taxi strike coincides with a nationwide strike called by Greece’s main public sector umbrella union to mark the first anniversary of the country’s deadliest rail disaster. Nearly 60 people were killed and dozens injured just before midnight on Feb. 28, 2023, when a passenger train collided head-on with a freight train after the two had mistakenly been put on the same track heading in opposite directions.

“One year (has passed) and those responsible for the tragedy have still not answered for their criminal actions that led 57 of our compatriots …. to their deaths,” the union, known by its Greek acronym ADEDY, said in its announcement of the strike.

ADEDY is also calling for a 10% increase in public sector salaries to tackle the rising cost of living and inflation, collective wage agreements and a series of tax breaks.

Wednesday’s strike is expected to disrupt all public transport in the Greek capital and leave ferries to and from the islands tied up in ports. The country’s air traffic controllers’ union has also announced its participation, which is expected to lead to the grounding of numerous flights.

Medical staff in public hospitals and teachers in public schools have said they will participate in the walkout, while staff at banks are also to strike for the day.

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