England ends vaccine passports, public mask mandate

England lifts most restrictions

England announced Wednesday it will be dropping mask requirements and mandatory vaccine passports.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the government is also no longer recommending people work from home, reports the BBC.

"This is a moment we can all be proud of,” Johnson said during a news conference, crediting the nation’s rapid rollout of vaccine boosters and adherence to the rules by residents.

More than seven-in-ten U.K. residents have received a vaccine booster.

"It's a reminder of what this country can accomplish when we all work together,” Johnson added.

Scientists believe the Omicron wave has peaked in the country, he said, and the nation will work on charting a course in how to live with the virus in long term.

"We must learn to live with Covid in the same way we live with flu,” he said.

Restrictions being lifted Thursday include mandatory Covid passports for the entrance to nightclubs and large events, although venues can continue to use the passport if they choose.

Face masks will no longer be mandated in public spaces and schools, although they remain recommended.

Travel restrictions are also going to be eased in the coming days.

Scotland announced Tuesday it was easing virus restrictions and said it would not be expanding its vaccine passport program, although it is not being dropped all together.

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