NBC 'won't be intimidated'

The chief of NBC News has a message for President Donald Trump: We're not going to be intimidated.

NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said on Tuesday that the president's attacks on some media outlets won't deter his organization from doing its job. NBC News was one of the organizations specifically cited by Trump last month in his tweet about the "fake news" media that is the "enemy of the American people."

"We're not the opposition party and we're not in a popularity contest with this administration or any other administration," said Lack, who supervises NBC's broadcast news and digital properties, including MSNBC. He called the president's attacks a distraction.

Trump hasn't specifically gone after any NBC News stories since he's been president. But in his "enemy of the American people" tweet, he mentioned the network along with ABC, CBS, CNN and The New York Times.

"This president has us focused every day more on temperament than we expected," Lack said. The executive, who gives interviews infrequently, spoke Tuesday at a conference held by the IESE Business School.

MSNBC's ratings have been soaring since the election, along with other cable news networks, defying a general trend where viewership usually drops after a presidential election. It illustrates an intense interest in politics stronger than at any point since 2000, Lack said.

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