Syria's Interior Minister Commits Suicide

  • Syria's Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan committed suicide in his office on Wednesday, said the official state news agency, weeks after he was questioned about the assassination of a former Lebanese prime minister. CBC News

  • Aid has resumed pouring into areas of Pakistan and India devastated by the Oct. 8 earthquake, more than 12 hours after heavy rain and hail temporarily halted deliveries. Poor co-ordination among aid agencies from 30 countries was blamed for some of the problems. CBC News

  • Formerly jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller will testify for the second time before a federal grand jury Wednesday. Miller is expected to provide prosecutors details of a previously undisclosed conversation she had with I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby -- Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff -- as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into the leak of a covert CIA officer's identity. CTV News

  • Thirty people were killed on Wednesday when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a large crowd of people outside an army recruitment centre in the northwestern Iraqi town of Tal Afar, police said. News24

  • Bird flu does not so far appear to have hit Romania, according to test results released on Wednesday by the European Commission, raising hopes that the highly contagious disease has not yet reached Europe. CNN News

  • A rocket carrying two Chinese astronauts blasted off Wednesday from a base in China's desert northwest, returning the country's manned space program to orbit two years after its history-making first flight. CTV News

  • Outgoing German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Wednesday aimed a broadside at United States President George W Bush, saying Hurricane Katrina showed what happened when a state neglected its duty. News24

  • Forty-five police, prison guards and medical staff went on trial on Wednesday, accused of beating and abusing protestors detained after outbreaks of violence during a summit of major world leaders in Genoa in 2001. CNN News

  • Several hundred protesters attempted to storm Bali's main prison Wednesday, on the third anniversary of the nightclub bombings that killed 202 people. The demonstrators are demanding that one of the convicted men on death row, known only as Amrozi, be executed immediately. CBC News

  • United Nations offices in Geneva were on heightened alert Wednesday after receiving a "credible security threat," officials said. The threat was received Monday evening, a statement said. No further details were available, spokeswoman Elena Ponomareva said. CTV News

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