Another Earthquake Hits Pakistan

  • Pakistan has been rattled by another earthquake just days after a massive temblor rocked the region, killing tens of thousands and reducing entire villages to rubble. According to officials, a 5.1-magnitude quake jolted parts of southwest Pakistan Tuesday. CTV News

  • Hungry survivors didn't wait for the Pakistani relief trucks to unload their cartons of food and water in this quake-shattered city on Tuesday. Instead, they mobbed the vehicles, jostling and grabbing whatever they could. News24

  • There are reports the terrorist threat that spurred a security clampdown on the New York City subway system was a hoax. On Tuesday, CNN reported that an informant in Iraq admitted information about an al Qaeda plot to attack New York commuters was false and intentionally misleading. CTV News

  • A group of Danish citizens filed a lawsuit Tuesday, saying Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen violated the constitution when Denmark joined the Iraq war without a UN mandate. News24

  • U.S. President George Bush said a lot of work remains to be done to rebuild the Gulf Coast after Katrina, as he visited the hurricane recovery zone Tuesday and hammered nails into a home being built for displaced residents. CTV News

  • Spanish police said they arrested a Dutchman believed to be the head of a gang that introduced about 4.6 million Ecstasy pills into the United States, the interior ministry said on Tuesday. News24

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