Millions Homeless In Asian Quake

  • Pakistan's military spokesman has said an entire generation has been wiped out in the areas worst hit by Saturday's massive earthquake. Major General Shaukat Sultan told the AFP news agency that children had been the biggest casualties. Thousands were killed when school buildings collapsed on them in the country's worst natural disaster on record.CTV

  • In the most recent set of grisly images to come out of a still-reeling New Orleans, several police officers appear to beat an elderly man, then rough up a member of the news crew that caught the incident on tape. The Associated Press Television News crew recorded the event on Saturday in the French Quarter, an historic neighborhood damaged by Hurricane Katrina, but that escaped the catastrophic flooding.CTV

  • A stand-off that has left Germany without a clear winner in its recent federal election is over. A deal was reached Monday between Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrat party and Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats.
    Merkel will become the new chancellor, and Schroeder will step aside.CBC

  • Guatemalan officials said they would abandon communities buried by landslides and declare them mass graveyards as reports of devastation trickled in from some of the more than 100 communities cut off after killer mudslides. Guatemala's death toll from torrential rains last week associated with Hurricane Stan stood at 652. 384 were missing.CNN

  • Prolonged, heavy rain caused flooding from North Carolina to New Hampshire during the weekend, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate, knocking out electricity, weakening dams and making roads impassable. At least four people died, including two people killed in New Hampshire when a car apparently drove off a washed-out bridge into floodwaters, officials said Sunday.CNN

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