New York Increases Security

  • Millions of New Yorkers rode their subway as usual Friday amid increased security that followed what local authorities described as a specific threat to the complex system originating in Iraq. CBC News

  • The 'war on terror' is costing Americans approximately $7 billion US every month. According to a new Congressional report, the bill could exceed half a trillion dollars by 2010. The Washington-based Congressional Research Service says $5.9 billion of that monthly outlay is being spent on military operations in Iraq. CTV News

  • Basra police officers were among 12 people detained by coalition forces in a raid targeting terrorists in the southeastern city, according to the British military. CNN News

  • The 2005 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Atomic Energy Agency and its head, Mohamed ElBaradei for their efforts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons. CBC News

  • Indonesian police raided a house Friday where one of the suspected masterminds of last week's Bali bombings was believed to be hiding out, but the Malaysian fugitive fled three hours earlier, officials said. CTV News

  • An intercepted letter from Osama bin Laden's deputy to the al Qaeda leader in Iraq complains that the terrorist network is short of cash and faces defeat in Afghanistan, a Pentagon spokesman says. CNN News

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