Bush Defends War In Iraq

  • Facing declining public support for the war in Iraq, U.S. President George W. Bush defended his country's actions and vowed the coalition offensive would "never back down." During what was touted as a 'major speech', Bush told a news conference in Washington that the war in Iraq was important in the fight against al Qaeda. CTV News

  • Nine more people died Thursday in Baghdad when a suicide car bomb hit a police patrol near the Iraqi Oil Ministry. Nine others were wounded. One person died in a separate earlier bombing. The violence follows an even more deadly attack Wednesday on a Shia mosque in Hilla, south of Baghdad. CBC News

  • The White House said Wednesday that it's co-operating with an FBI investigation into a former marine suspected of spying at the White House. ABC News reports that 46-year old Leandro Aragoncillo worked in the vice president's office under both Al Gore and Dick Cheney from 1999 to 2001. CTV News

  • British Prime Minister Tony Blair says evidence points to Iranian ties to bombings in Iraq, although Britain does not have definite proof. Tehran has denied the accusations. CNN News

  • Israel's Supreme Court on Thursday banned the military's practice of using Palestinian civilians as "human shields" in arrest raids, saying it violates international law. The ruling was a rare instance in which the court agreed to take a stand in Israel's conflict with the Palestinians. News24

  • Setting up a possible veto showdown with the White House, the Senate voted overwhelmingly for an amendment to a Pentagon spending bill that sets standards for the treatment of prisoners in U.S. military custody. CNN News

  • The New Orleans sheriff disputed allegations from a human rights group that inmate corpses were floating in the city jail after Hurricane Katrina and prisoners were left for days without food or drinking water in cells where the floodwaters were chest-high. News24

  • Five people went on trial Thursday in the 1982 murder in London of Roberto Calvi, an Italian financier whose close ties to the Vatican earned him the nickname of "God's banker." The initial hearing in the high-security courtroom was procedural, and presiding Judge Mario D'Andria said he hoped for a quick trial, although he cautioned that it has been a long time since Calvi's death. CNN News

  • Raging brown floodwater and banks of mud covered chunks of Central America and southern Mexico on Thursday after days of torrential rain and mudslides killed at least 162 across the region. Rescue workers battled to get to remote villages, where hillsides have collapsed under the downpour, and thousands of evacuees from urban shantytowns hunkered down in emergency shelters as rain continued to pound the region. Reuters

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