Violence In Afghanistan

  • Increased violence in Afghanistan has created fears that Iraqi-style terror tactics are being imported. At least 10 people died Wednesday when a suicide bomber attacked a military centre in Kabul set up by United States forces to train a new national army. CBC News

  • A wind-whipped brush fire quickly tripled in size early Thursday to more than 7,000 acres, destroying at least one home and prompting evacuations as a ridge of flames was visible for miles. CNN News

  • A 56-year-old diver on Thursday became the second person in less than a week to lose his life in a crocodile attack in the far north of Australia. He was diving with a companion at Cape Don on the Cobourg Peninsula in the Northern Territory when he was taken by a crocodile. News24

  • Streams of cars filled with business owners started to make their way back into newly reopened sections of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans on Thursday, and they pledged to rebuild their city. CTV News

  • U.S. House majority leader Tom DeLay resigned on Wednesday after a Texas grand jury indicted him and two associates on charges of conspiracy in fundraising. A defiant DeLay insisted on his innocence and called the prosecutor a "partisan fanatic." CBC News

  • Gunmen killed at least nine people, including four police officers, and wounded 11 Thursday in attacks around Iraq, police said. Attackers opened fire on a carload of teachers near Baquba, killing one of them. The three other teachers in the car survived the attack. CNN News

  • John A. "Junior" Gotti, 41, was released from a federal lockup in Manhattan after spending the last six years behind bars. After posting a $7 million US bond, he went home to his Long Island Gold Coast mansion, where he will remain under house arrest. CBC News

  • Al Qaeda is the main enemy to peace and stability in the Middle East and the terrorist group is seeking to acquire -- and use -- weapons of mass destruction there, a top U.S. commander in Iraq told Congress. CNN News

  • German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder plans to resign on Monday to clear the way for a grand coalition government led by Angela Merkel who came in first in Germany's inconclusive national elections, a media report said. News24

  • Five sub-Saharan Africans have been killed and 50 others wounded as they and hundreds of others scaled tall fences in a bid to enter a Spanish enclave on Morocco's northern coast, officials said. CNN News

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