Six Die Looking For Jobs

  • Six more people died Wednesday as insurgents in Iraq targeted recruitment centres for army and police organizations. For the second day in a row, bombs concealed in the clothing of an attacker have exploded amid groups of people assembled to apply for jobs as Iraqi soldiers or police officers. CBC News

  • A day after castigating the federal government's ousted disaster chief, a House panel is hearing pledges from government auditors that they will closely examine millions of dollars in contracts the Bush administration awarded to politically connected companies for Hurricane Katrina relief. CNN News

  • Soft drinks, "poor-quality" hamburgers, chocolate and crisps are to be banned in British schools from next year, said education secretary Ruth Kelly on Wednesday. News24

  • A suicide bomber attacked an Iraqi army recruitment center Wednesday, killing at least six people and wounding 20, in a northern city where coalition forces had routed insurgents in a major offensive this month. CTV News

  • Pakistani security agents raided a home near the capital of Islamabad and arrested the head of an outlawed militant group accused of killing hundreds of minority Shiites, a security official said Wednesday. CNN News

  • Typhoon Damrey weakened considerably on Wednesday after causing widespread destruction and killing at least 36 people in a week-long sweep through the Philippines, southern China and Vietnam. News24

  • The suspected mastermind of the kidnapping of an Italian aid worker in Afghanistan has been re-arrested weeks after he was freed through the intervention of an army general, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. Reuters

  • Nearly four days after Hurricane Rita hit, many of the storm's sweltering victims are still waiting for electricity, gasoline, water and other relief. The situation prompted one top emergency official to complain that people are "living like cavemen." CTV News

  • Scores of protesters incensed by European Union moves to send Iran's nuclear case to the U.N. Security Council hurled stones and smoke bombs over the walls of the British embassy compound in Tehran on Wednesday. CNN News

  • French troops have stormed a ship off the Corsican coast, ending a labor dispute over the privatization of a state-owned ferry operator. Five military helicopters circled over the Pascal-Paoli car ferry off the French Mediterranean island of Corsica early Wednesday morning. CNN News

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