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Forbidden Fruit Dead End – Game Over (red blend)

Dead End red blend

Wine: Dead End – Game Over (red blend)

Winery: Forbidden Fruit, Cawston

Why drink it? The winery itself is at the dead end of a gorgeous drive in the Similkameen, and this is its premium label owing to select organic grapes from a property called the Dead End Estate. In this bottle: Tannat, a hearty red grape with gusto, and Malbec, a thick-skinned robust purple-y grape. Expect a fairly full body when you get to a sip, but first enjoy the rich inky colour and aromas of black fruits, well-worn leather, and a touch of earthiness. The palate reflects the aromas of dark currants, black cherries, and ripe wild blackberries. Noticeable but pleasant tannins.

Pair with: Almost any red meat, gourmet grilled game meat sausages, a slow-cooked rich cassoulet, a hearty roasted eggplant dish, and beef ribs. A good Baba Ganoush with a selection of aged and/or smoked cheeses will do nicely,

Price: $40

Music pairing: Bring on the Night, The Police

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