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Monte Creek Living Land La Crescent

Living Land La Crescent

Wine: Living Land La Crescent

Winery: Monte Creek, Kamloops

Why drink it? What is this grape? It’s a hybrid, cold climate hardy, white varietal developed by the University of Minnesota and named after a small town in that state. Its DNA is complex, and it generally produces an off-dry aromatic wine, which sums up this unique bottle. The wine has some thoughtful skin contact, and it’s the skins that contribute to the ripe pear, applesauce, and floral aromas. The flavours? Peach, citrus, maybe a hint of grilled pineapple; kind of like Riesling, kind of like other cold climate varietals, but wholly independent. Like that one kid who always stands out in the class photo.

Pair with: A never-too-late to party Oktoberfest themed dish of sauerkraut and Kielbasa, suggests the winery. Butter chicken, but put it on a pizza with a sourdough crust. Spicy Mexican takeout. Go retro with some stuffed roasted bell peppers.

Price: $22

Music pairing: Crescent Moon, Conor Albert & James Smith

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