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Priest Creek Decota from Kelowna 'refreshing effervescence'

Priest Creek Decota

Wine: Decota, 2021 (sparkling rosé)

Winery: Priest Creek, Kelowna

Why drink it? Recently released on the winery’s second anniversary of officially opening its doors (they were actually ready the day before everything shut down in March 2020), the blend of this bubbly is a mystery, though we know it only has two varietals. It’s a blush pink with some golden plum hues in the bottle, vibrant and lightly frothy when poured, with a refreshing effervescence in the glass. Aromas green apples, ripe stone fruits, and Manuka honey. Fresh red berries emerge on the palate, and there is a slight sweetness on the finish.

Pair with: Barbecue ribs or chicken smothered in a sweet BBQ sauce, grilled cheese with a fresh salad on the side, takeout sashimi. Good with a breakfast frittata, or enjoy with a dessert of fruit tarts drizzled with just a bit of chocolate.

Price: $27

Music pairing: Round, Round, Belouis Some

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