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2019 Covert Farms Grand Reserve Merlot

Grand Reserve Merlot

Wine: Grand Reserve Merlot, 2019

Winery: Covert Farms, Oliver

Why drink it? Big and bold, this isn’t grab it and pour it wine, but one that requires a bit of time. Either let the bottle rest for a few more years, or plan to decant for a couple of hours before enjoying. Characteristic Merlot notes throughout, beginning with cocoa, ground espresso, and vanilla bean on the nose; the latter from aging in French oak. Complex flavours of pepper corns and roasting spices from thyme to tarragon, with intense deep red and black fruits that relax a little as the wine breathes in the glass. Dry, almost puckering, tannins on the finish – very satisfying for the “big red” aficionado.

Pair with: A bold gesture. Plan a grand romantic dinner that takes some time and effort in the kitchen, or choose an intriguing takeout option from a favourite bistro, as long as either choice has an equally bold menu featuring something that’s been lovingly roasted.

Price: $52

Music pairing: Patience, Guns N’ Roses

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