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2020 Sperling Vineyards Sparkling Ruby Pét Nat

Sparkling Ruby Pét Nat

Wine: Organic Ruby Pét Nat (sparkling), 2020

Winery: Sperling, Kelowna

Why drink it? Why yes, this is a sparkling red wine. Pét Nat, or pétillant naturel, wines come by their bubbles via the ancestral method, bottling while still fermenting to create a lighter effervescence. Marechal Foch, a hybrid grape that appreciates colder climates and on its own typically has a deep red colour, is blended with 15 percent Pinot Noir. The result is a purple-y hue, and aromas of dark berries and chocolate-dipped fruit candies. Red cherries and brambly blackberries dominate the flavours. The body is bigger than expected, and the finish is dry. A fun wine, and it’s under screwcap for no fuss.

Pair with: The winemaker suggests pizza, and why not? Order in a ‘za doused in tomato sauce and your favourite toppings, or create a trendy flatbread at home. Pasta dishes with meat sauce or a bold veggie stew should do nicely. Paired well with a peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich.

Price: $30

Music pairing: Sweet Dreams, Emmylou Harris

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