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Lake Breeze 2019 The Spice Jar

Lake Breeze white blend

Wine: The Spice Jar (white blend), 2019

Winery: Lake Breeze, Naramata

Why drink it? One of the most aromatic blends around, this wine is available in the bottle (2019 vintage) or in cans (2020). A blend of Gewurztraminer, Schonburger, Muscat, and Viognier, the aromas are a vibrant mix of floral honeysuckle notes, peaches, apricots, and citrus. The stone fruits continue on the palate with hints of honeycomb, grilled pineapple, ripe pear, and lychee. A blend of spice notes, true to the label, led by ginger and a bit of clove. Much to explore, leading to very slightly sweet minerality and a pleasant lingering finish.

Pair with: Thai-inspired spicy dishes, curries, sushi with a healthy dose of pickled ginger and wasabi. Homemade Indian-spiced cauliflower soup garnished with cilantro worked well, as did a roast pear and bleu cheese salad.

Price: $19

Music pairing: I Got You (I Feel Good), James Brown

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