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2018 Evolve Momento Red blend

2018 Evolve Momento

Wine: Momento (red blend), 2018

Winery: Evolve, Penticton

Why drink it? Part of the recently rebranded Time Family of Wines, the Evolve lineup has undergone a lovely label refresh of intertwined circles connected together. This bottle is a red blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot with 10 percent Syrah, all aged in oak separately before coming together. Dark cherry notes mixed with plums in the aromas, with some cedar. The Merlot seems to pop out in the flavours, with dark chocolate added to the cherry element, leading to a finish with some spices and vanilla and medium tannins. A good house red to keep on hand.

Pair with: Sitting around with a friend or two discussing where to go for a casual dinner to catch up on recent life events. Appetizers of various chips and dips, bruschetta, or go old school with a variety of sausage rolls and the classic Pigs in a Blanket.

Price: $24

Music pairing: Hanging by a Moment, Lifehouse

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