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Bask Hard Tea Sparkling Water

Hard Tea Sparkling Water

Wine: Hard Tea Sparkling Water

Winery: Bask, Online: bc.baskwine.com/Shop

Why drink it? Is it wine? Is it tea? Is it bubbly? It’s all three. BASK has a line of hard teas available for online purchase or in select retail outlets, of varying flavour combos. The White Tea Passionfruit and Black Tea Goji and Blackberry were sampled for this review. At only four percent alcohol and zero sugar, you could have a few. They do have wine and are carbonated, so yes these are, indeed, wine spritzers with light flavours of fruit and tea, and are not sweet or cloying at all. Sophisticated? No. Satisfying? Yes. Especially if hard liquor sparkling beverages are not your thing.

Pair with: An evening at home when you’re glad the plans you made to go out were cancelled and now you can binge watch something on your guilty pleasures list, finish the last of the vanilla ice cream or fruit crumble left in the fridge, and feel absolutely no guilt.

Price: $4/can

Music pairing: Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick Astley

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