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2020 Stag’s Hollow Albari?o

Stag’s Hollow Albari?o

Wine: Albari?o, 2020

Winery: Stag’s Hollow, Okanagan Falls

Why drink it? Only a handful of B.C. wineries are playing with this Iberian varietal that produces a refreshing, fresh, dry white wine. When you’re ready to expand from more common whites, give this bottle a try. Its journey took it, in portions, through stainless, French oak, and concrete. The nose has zesty notes of lemon and grapefruit with tropical hints. On the palate the citrus comes through with Okanagan stone fruits and some smooth complexity from lees contact, giving it just a bit of weight, and as the winery describes, some salinity. The latter will remind you of cool evening waves by the ocean.

Pair with: Seafood fresh from the brine, especially shellfish, simply treated with a splash of lemon. Grilled halibut or cod with salsa verde on the side as an experiment. Paired well with a variety of takeout veggie and seafood tempura, and pasta with pesto.

Price: $24

Music pairing: Between Us, Harry Connick Jr.

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