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Left Field Cider Co.

Left Field Cider

Cidery: Left Field Cider Co., near Merritt

Why drink it? Why not cider for a change? It’s not just for hot summer days, is a perfect autumn drink, and there are many craft cideries around the province exploring unique production techniques and fun flavours. Like this one: cider fermented in bourbon barrels. The core tart apple cider scents come through, with a touch of vanilla from the barrel treatment and some smokiness. It’s dry, in the tradition of English ciders, surprisingly complex, and if bourbon is your drink of choice, you’ll find some hints of it. Some tannins to appreciate on the sophisticated finish.

Pair with: Holiday dinners in place of sparkling wine as an aperitif, or alongside the main course for something different. Serve with anything apple-based from crumbles to pie to tartes during prime apple harvest season, or around a campfire with s’mores.

Price: $16 (750 ml)

Music pairing: Grateful, Rita Ora

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