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2019 Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards Fitz Crémant

2019 Fitz Crémant

Wine: Fitz Crémant, 2019 (sparkling)

Winery: Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards, Summerland

Why drink it? In France, crémant sparkling wines are made the same was champagne, but not in the champagne region, and without the champagne price. This Pinot Blanc version tips its glass to Alsace. The grapes come from the slopes of the winery’s Greta Ranch vineyard, are fermented and aged in stainless steel, and as with traditional bubbly, the secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle. There is a sense of fresh baked bread and almonds mixed in with green apple on the nose, gentle but consistent bubbles, and light straw colour in the glass. A fresh minerality rounds out each sip.

Pair with: Holiday dinners are coming up. Start with a glass to toast the occasion, or save it for the main course for a different experience. Will pair well with buttery mashed potatoes, and quite likely a crispy, indulgent deep fried turkey, if you dare.

Price: $25

Music pairing: We Are Family, Sister Sledge

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