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Okanagan Crush Pad 2019 Narrative Chenin Blanc

Narrative Chenin Blanc

Wine: Chenin Blanc, 2019

Winery: Narrative (Okanagan Crush Pad), Summerland

Why drink it? From one of the labels from Crush Pad comes Narrative, a selection of wines meant to tell the story of the terroir that gives South Okanagan wines their sense of place in the wine world. Chenin Blanc comes from the Loire Valley, but you’ll see many bottles from South Africa. Pressed in concrete eggs which likely contributes to the minerality, there are also aromas of tropical tree fruits, meadow flowers, honey comb and citrus. More body than you might expect, the citrus becomes fresh lemon on the palate, with quince and juicy acidity.

Pair with: Marinated chicken and pineapple skewers from the BBQ with side of pesto pasta salad. Most creamy seafood dishes; try a seafood lasagna. A really good club sandwich with plenty of smoked turkey and twice-cooked crisp, salty fries.

Price: $25

Music pairing: Every day I Write the Book, Elvis Costello

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