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2018 Lake Breeze Pinot Blanc

Lake Breeze Pinot Blanc

Wine: Pinot Blanc, 2018

Winery: Lake Breeze, Naramata Bench

Why drink it? Pinot Blanc is often a forgotten white wine, a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir that sometime wants to be like Chardonnay, but thankfully is a distinctive clean and crisp option. Both the 2017 and 2018 were tasted, and both have lively fresh pear and green apple notes on the nose; the older vintage has some peach, and both are quite aromatic. On the palate the 2018 carries on with the apple essence and brings in a bit of tropical fruit and green melon. More complex on the finish than you might expect, with a tease of minerality to wrap things up before the next sip.

Pair with: Almost any type of seafood, especially a ceviche or shellfish dish, spot prawns during the brief season when they’re available. Fruit salads, or hybrids such as the trendy compressed watermelon and feta creation with candied nuts.

Price: $19

Music pairing: Smile, Wide Mouth Mason

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