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Fizé frizzante bubbles

Fizé bubbles

Wine: Fizé (sparkling)

Winery: Virtual at www.popfize.com

Why drink it? Another affordable Okanagan frizzante has entered the fray of casual, care-free sparkling wines meant for relaxed sipping when you and your crew just want to chill. Speaking of, keep a bottle or two of this in the fridge for spontaneous hangouts with your bubble. A blend of Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Muscat, the shapely bottle is perfect for “vinfluencer” selfies. Aromas of pears and green apples, followed by light, sparkly bubbles in the glass. If a hint of sweetness in table wines is your preference, this is the bubbly for you. Reminiscent a dry pear cider, this is a bevvie for the beach.

Pair with: There’s no need to overthink this, it will be a refreshing sip with almost anything, but the only decision here is what to binge watch on your favourite streaming service so you can have a debate about Bridgerton or Yellowstone plot lines with your pals.

Price: $18

Music pairing: So What, P!nk

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