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2020 Bartier Bros Rosé

Bartier Bros Rose, Oliver

Wine: Rosé, 2020

Winery: Bartier Bros., Oliver

Why drink it? This a fun rosé, an unexpected mix of Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, and Merlot; it tastes like the winery team had a good time with blending trials to get to this result. A subtle pink hue in the bottle may mislead you into thinking the wine itself will be on the soft side, but the aromas of watermelon rind, pink fruits, and spring bluebell flowers sneak out of bottle as soon as it’s opened. The Merlot adds a touch of body and structure against the citrus from the Chard and light tropical elements of the Gew. Fresh rhubarb emerges on the finish.

Pair with: A brunch with fresh red berries in season, or pastries topped with strawberry or raspberry freezer jam. Waffles, pancakes or even toast with ricotta and a drop of honey. Worked well with a healthy chickpea-based salad with fresh cucumber, sweet yellow pepper, and a lemon vinaigrette.

Price: $18

Music pairing: Whatever You Need, Tina Turner

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