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2018 Stag’s Hollow Renaissance Syrah

Stag’s Hollow Syrah

Wine: Renaissance Syrah, 2018

Winery: Stag’s Hollow, Okanagan Falls

Why drink it? The first thing you’ll notice as you pour a glass is the deep, inky dark purple of this Syrah, in certain light it’s almost mysteriously black. Then, the aromas of worn in leather, freshly milled pepper, and stewed dark cherries rise to vividly greet your olfactory senses. While this bottle could use a few years to rest and relax its tannins and grip, if you drink it soon you’ll experience black fruits and berries, hints of sage and bay leaf, and a lengthy finish that shows off those tannins, the thoughtful French oak treatment, and just a touch of creaminess from malolactic fermentation.

Pair with: Find a good and flavourful sausage from your local butcher or mix up a mesquite burger with some smokiness for the grill, topped with an aged cheddar. The winery suggests grilled eggplant for an adventure; give a cheesy baked eggplant recipe a shot too.

Price: $38

Music pairing: Georgia on My Mind, Ray Charles

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