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Seven Stones 2013 Row 128 Merlot

2013 Row 128 Merlot

Wine: Row 128 Merlot, 2013

Winery: Seven Stones, Similkameen

Why drink it? One of the best Merlots from the region, worth seeking out to see if for no other reason than to decide if you agree, or compare with another vintage from the winery. The aromas are complex and inviting with much to explore from earthiness, olives, and well-worn leather to dark fruits and cherries. Dark chocolate and blueberry jam on the palate, with a lingering finish that is decidedly smooth (especially older vintages), with roasted espresso beans and cedar notes behind plums and a bit of vanilla. Dry, expressive, and a delightful bottle that expresses the Similkameen.

Pair with: Perfectly fine on its own thanks to its age, for leisurely sipping on a cold evening, or pair with a dish that has some body; something meaty or cheesy, or both. A cheesy gratin, a hearty stew, meatballs served as an appetizer just for fun.

Price: $28

Music pairing: Seven Days in Sunny June, Jamiroquai

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