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2018 Burrowing Owl Chardonnay

Burrowing Owl Chardonnay

Wine: Chardonnay, 2018

Winery: Burrowing Owl, OIiver

Why drink it? Maybe this is the bottle that can convert the “ABC” – anything but chardonnay – wine drinker to branch out. Hand-picked and hand-sorted, some artistry and care went into this chard to ensure balance between crisp fruit notes and creamy oak tones from a variety of barrels. Granny Smith apple and fresh pear prevail on the nose, with a bit of butter that hints at what’s to come on the palate: flavours of tropical fruits and toasted almonds behind an elegant creaminess that delightfully lingers. After a couple of years resting on the wine rack, open now or give it a few more years to evolve.

Pair with: A creamy chicken and mushroom soup, or a buttery corn and potato chowder. Grilled stone fruits when in season as a side dish, or create a unique grilled cheese with homemade bread, plenty of sliced Havarti, and peach and apricot relish on top.

Price: $30

Music pairing: Something to Save, George Michael

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