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2020 Lightning Rock Viognier Pét-Nat

Lightning Rock Viognier

Wine: Viognier Pét-Nat (sparkling), 2020

Winery: Lightning Rock, Summerland

Why drink it? Firstly, what is Pét-Nat? Abbreviated from Pétillant Naturel, it’s a sparkling wine produced by botting the wine before the first fermentation is complete, so the bubbles are naturally produced by the grape sugars. Naturally refreshing, this Viognier version has aromas of gingerbread and the scent left after a short summer rain storm. Fermented in concrete to start the process, it’s a surprising bubbly with light tropical flavours of mango mixed with a hint of clove. Spritzy is a good descriptor, with a fresh and uncomplicated finish. Save a bottle for summer.

Pair with: The winery suggest Cheetos. Pairs well with dark chocolate bark with candied ginger, lighter versions of fruitcake, and other leftover holiday treats. A box of Swiss cheese fondue artistically drizzled over soft pretzels proved to be an ideal pairing.

Price: $29

Music pairing: Lightning Crashes, Live

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