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2017 50th Parallel Pinot Noir, Lake Country

50th Parallel Pinot Noir

Wine: Pinot Noir, 2017

Winery: 50th Parallel, Lake Country

Why drink it? Fall is Pinot season. This one shies away from a delicate style with a bolder presence on the nose and on the tastebuds. Crushed red berries, rosemary spice, light cigar box smokiness lift out of the glass along with fresh black pepper notes. An abundance of flavours to explore over the first few sips: ripe cherries and blueberries blend with black tea leaves, earthy mushrooms, star anise, and crushed fennel seed. Hints of vanilla from the oak treatment and a reasonable amount of tannins on the finish that could cellar for another year or two if you have some patience.

Pair with: Pinot is a perfect red for almost any autumn Sunday dinner, this one with anything smoked – duck breast, pork shoulder, even smoked veggies if you’ve got the equipment and skills. Put together a pasta dish featuring porcini mushrooms or a hearty Ragu.

Price: $34

Music pairing: Sunday Girl, Blondie

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